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Preview so far [If FS9 is not running / Altitude & Speed / Fuel Display 1 / Fuel Display 2]
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Project Description
G15FS9 is an applet for the G15v2 keyboard to allow information from Flight Simulator 2004/FS9 to be displayed on the G15v2 LCD.

Update G15FS9 is still available for anyone to tinker around with, as I am now on a new project - FS-Arduino - an Arduino and VB.NET driven display and control for FS9 but more towards FSX.

Different screens show a variety of information:
  • Speed/Altitude
  • Engines and Fuel
  • Flaps/Gear/Lights
  • Heading Information
  • Weather Information
  • Detailed Information and More.
  • Error Log File.
  • Takeoff/Landing Management - shows the desired rate of climb/decent for current speed and desired altitude and distance. Ie you want to be at 10,000ft within 20nm at 310knots - it will show estimated vertical speed to reach that.
  • Fuel Consumption - How fast your burning fuel, how far can you go on the current fuel at the current altitude and the current speed etc.
  • and alot more to come.

Be shure to keep checking for up to date information on the progress.

G15FS9 is being developed in VB.NET 2009 using FSUIPC SDK ( and LgLCD.NET (

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